Liana's Beauty - In-Home Spa
                                                                            FACIAL THERAPY
European Full Facial w/Deep Cleansing - $105
           (1,5 hours)
The key element to beautiful skin is clean pores. The deep pore cleansing facial is essential for radiant, glowing skin. This treatment starts with steam, followed by gentle extraction of clogged pores, exfoliation, a relaxing face massage, mask, which includes the 24K Gold Mask, and organic moisturizing protective cream. 

                            Chocolate Cherries Facial - $110
                                      ( 1 hour)
 Sour Cherry contains anthocyanins and polyphenols, which have been shown to reduce pain and inflammation and fight free radicals. Blackthorn Berries are very strong antioxidant boosters, while they supply essential micronutrients such as iron that brighten the complexion of pale, anaemic, tired, stressed skin. These treatment not only appealing in the results they bring, but the aromas they provide while tightening the skin and the pores of (combination) premature clients. 
The treatment includes: Cleansing with Sour Cherry Cleansing Milk to remove makeup and most of the dust or pollution followed by cleansing with Mineral Exfoliating Wash ( Nettle Exfoliating wash optional) to perfectly cleanse the skin and remove any residue. Then Toning with Sour Cherry Toner, Peel  with Yogurt Power Peel, Extractions with Saponaria Linaria Massage Cream, Treatment Mask with Puree Velvety Cocoa blended with Sour Cherry Gel Mask, Hydration with Age Defense Bioflavonoid Serum and finish with a Lemon or Mint Lip Balm.

                        Ultra Sensitive System Facial - $105
                                             (1 hour)
For all types of sensitivity (acne, rosacea, itching, burning skin, contact dermatitis, etc.), inflamed irritated, reddened or hypoallergenic skin.
This treatment includes: ultra sensitive system cleansing milk - gentle and essential oil free cleansing milk fir sensitive and hypoallergenic skin that removes makeup and impurities while leaving the skin silky soft.
Ultra sensitive system toner – essential oil free face mist that refreshes and energizes sensitive and hypoallergenic skin.
Ultra sensitive system exfoliating mask – gentle and essential oil free facial scrub for sensitive and hypoallergenic skin that sloughs off dead ells for younger and smoother liking skin.
Ultra sensitive system whipped moisturizer – light texture and essential oil free moisturizer for sensitive and hypoallergenic skin that protects against the abuse of the elements.
Ultra sensitive system body lotion – essential oil free hydrating body lotion for sensitive and hypoallergenic skin that replenishes the skin’s moisture barrier.
                         European Classic Facial - $95
                                         (1 hour)
 This procedure includes a deep pore cleansing using steam, exfoliation, plant organic scrub, facial massage, organic mask, organic moisturizing protective cream.
                             European Relaxing Facial - $90
                                        (1 hour)
This treatment will de-stress your mind and spirit while soothing your facial muscles with a facial massage, and treatment is combined with cleansing, exfoliation and mask for hydration. Massage nourishes skin by stimulating blood circulation, makes the skin softer. It soothes and relaxes the nerves and improves the skin condition.
                                    Mini Facial - $75
                                       (40 min)
Perfect for those with limited time. The mini facial includes power cleanse, relaxing massage, and customized organic mask, delivering maximum results in minimum time. Mini Facial does not include extraction.

                             Men's Essential Facial - $95
                                        (60 min.)
Essential maintenance for just for men. Our Men's Essential Facial includes a deep cleansing, steam,  masque, facial massage.

                Anti-Aging Organic Blueberry Bliss Facial - $100
                                           (60 min.)
Treat yourself to a puree of whole fruit blueberry designed to rejuvenate your skin. Erase the signs of dryness and dehydration with active antioxidants designed to make your skin look and feel younger. This facial is anti-aging, rejuvenating, hydrating and will leave you Blissfully Beautiful. 

                              Acne Treatment Facial - $100 
                                             (60 min.)
This facial is designed for the treatment of inflamed, irritated, acne skin types. This treatment is customized to include a detoxifying masque to purge the skin, soothing corrective and protective products to help calm.

                         Anti-Stress Facial Treatment - $85
                                             (60 min.)
Receive a face full of beauty and happiness. This rapid action treatment bathes your skin with Rose extracts which neutralize the effects of emotional stress, and hydrates, soothes and comforts stressed skin. The skin’s natural barrier is strengthened and revitalized, leaving it smooth, supple, and calm. Your face will recover its natural expression, looking healthy, smooth and soft. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

                                Brightening Facial - $95
                                          (60 min.)
The Brightening Facial will even out discoloration and smooth the skin’s texture. This facial is ideal for those with sun damage, age spots and hyperpigmentation. For optimum results, this treatment is best performed in a series.

                    ANTI -AGING AHA FRUIT ACID PEEL AND 
                           HUNGARIAN  PAPRIKA GEL - $120
                                           (1,5 hours)
This deeply penetrating glycolic peel
results in velvety smooth, rejuvenated skin. 
Includes: cleanse, exfoliation, AHA fruit peel, massage, masque, serum, eye treatment. 

                            Microcurrent  Non-Surgical
A micro-current face lift can be performed to achieve the following benefits: improve muscle tone in face and neck, lift jowls and eyebrows, reduce and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, improve facial circulation, skin exfoliation, lymphatic drainage, sun damage treatment, skin pigment improvement, product penetration. 
Treatments can be done 1 to 3 times a week. Your cosmetic investment will be preserved as long as you receive a booster session every 4 to 6 weeks. Microcurrent is a very powerful and effective tool to aid in the battle against aging.
Single Treatment- $75 (1 hour)
                                                                   Ultrasonic Facial Rejuvenation
Ultrasonic uses high level sound wave technology to penetrate deep below to the surface of the skin promoting cellular renewal and repair, toning muscles, increasing blood circulation, encouraging lymphatic drainage and combating puffiness and swelling. Ultrasound facial treatment help revive cell tissue, excrete skin wastes, and facilitate skin metabolism. The Ultrasonic Facial process is a gentle, non-invasive treatment that is safe and suitable for all skin types, form Acne to Rosacea and mature skin. Even the most sensitive skin will benefit from treatment without any significant erythema (redness). Any  erythema that dies occur diminishes rapidly after treatment. The treatment includes: steam cleansing, exfoliation massage for your face and neck, final vitamin C Serum, and moisturizer with hot ultrasound penetration.

    45 min: $80

                                                             Ultrasonic Facial Peeling   
 Ultrasonic Peeling is a new and effective system for treating  skin. The benefits of Ultrasonic Peeling are:
dead skin cells for a clearer, healthier complexion without redness and  irritation.
Loosen and remove oil, dirt and cellular debris from follicles
Pores diminish in size and bacteria levels are reduced
Stimulate skin to produce collagen and elastin
Fine lines and wrinkles are diminished
 Skin is restored to a smooth, youthful glow and maintained with regular treatments
                                                                           1 hour: $90

                             De-Stress Eye Treatment

This treatment firms the delicate eye area while reducing puffiness and irritation. The eye mask is a soothing and relaxing addition to any facial. 
Receive a face full of beauty and happiness. This rapid action treatment bathes your skin with Rose extracts which neutralize the effects of emotional stress, and hydrates, soothes 
Single treatment: $35
Combo with any facials: $30
                    Eyebrow & Eyelashes Tinting
Safe and Organic ingredients for long lasting results. This enhancement will improve the appearance of the eyebrows or eyelashes. Last 4-6 weeks.
Eyebrow Tinting: $20
Eyelash Tinting:  $22
Combo: $35
                                                   Anti-Aging Hand Treatment
Anti-Aging Hands Treatment is an exfoliating and deep hydrating treatment combined with the best hand massage for maximum benefits. The treatment includes organic and natural products like wheat germ oil, rich in vitamins A and E. This formula is absorbed and leaves skin looking and feeling soft and supple. A combination of collagen, elastin, and AHAs preserves youthfulness and smoothness and helps to lighten dark spots.
Single Treatment: $40 ( 35 min)
Combo with any facials: $35
                                          MAKE - UP
We provide a quality make-up that respects our health as well as the environment. Certifies Organic make-up with natural active ingredients offers an effective treatment to enhance your natural beauty.
 Day Make-Up           $45
 Evening Make-Up    $45
 Bridal Make-Up       $100
 Bridal Party             $70 p/per.
 School Age Events  $40
This technique is used for facial hair removal. It is very efficient, effective, and precise. It gives a sharp and clean finish to your eyebrow or any area of the skin surface with unwanted hair. There is no burning, peeling, or irritating because no chemicals or wax are used. Threading also slows down hair growth.
Eyebrow w/shape - $15
Full Face - $ 25
Forehead - $15                                        
Upper Lip - $5
Chin - $5
Cheek - $5
Neck - $15